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Feng shui is all about balancing energy in your home or office. And one way to do that is by using water features. Swimming pools are a great option because they provide both beauty and function.

Here are some tips to make sure your pool is feng shui friendly:

The Pool Should Be Located at the Back of the House

Deciding where to locate a swimming pool can be a tricky undertaking. Many people choose to place their pool in the front yard, believing that it will make an eye-catching impression. 

But this isn’t necessarily the best choice. For example, feng shui experts note that having a pool in the front yard can create a sense of energy drain and stagnation. On the other hand, placing a pool in the backyard helps to promote a favorable flow of energy and vibrant force. 

Furthermore, suppose your local area has regulations concerning where a pool may be installed on your property. In that case, these often favor the backyard, where you are less likely to invade exterior aesthetic guidelines or disrupt traffic flow from vehicles and pedestrians. 

Considering all these factors, it makes sense to put your pool in the back of the house for maximum feng shui harmony and compliance with local codes.  By doing so, you can get maximum use out of your pool without running into any complications or disruptions!

Nature, Such As Trees or Plants Should surround your Pool

When you are designing your outdoor pool, it can be helpful to think of it as an extension of your backyard. Creating a natural feel around your pool area is a great way to bring the beauty of nature into your outdoor space. 

You can immediately enhance its aesthetic appeal by incorporating trees, shrubs, or plants around the pool’s perimeter. Moreover, this living barrier will help to block out the noise from nearby streets or homes and create a more peaceful private oasis. 

Further, plants help to naturally cool the air temperature during summer months and provide nutrients for beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. 

Lastly, they act like natural filters that absorb toxins and pollutants before they reach the pool. Surrounding your pool with greenery offers several benefits that greatly improve its ambiance and ensures it will remain your favorite spot for years to come.

The Pool Should Have a Natural Shape, Such As an Oval or Rectangular

A pool is a great centerpiece for any outdoor space, and its shape is crucial to creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Traditional feng shui principles recommend that swimming pools take a natural form, such as oval or rectangular.

This can help create balance and harmony in the environment, making it easier for everyone to relax. In addition, these shapes tend to fit better within the confines of existing landscapes without requiring too much artificial alteration. 

Of course, if no changes are desired due to budgetary constraints or limited land area, then an unnatural shape may be necessary; however, if there is room for creativity, it’s best to stick with more uncomplicated silhouettes like oval or rectangular. 

These shapes have a timeless quality to them that can withstand the ever-changing trends of fashions, allowing your pool design to stay stylish for years to come. 

Through this effective use of feng shui principles, you can ensure that your swimming pool remains the beautiful focal point of your outdoor space.

It Shouldn’t Be Too Deep – The Ideal Depth Is 3 Feet

There are a few things to consider when it comes to swimming pools. For starters, the pool should be properly maintained, with clean water and no debris on the bottom of the pool. 

In addition, the width and length of the pool are important factors in creating an environment that is safe and enjoyable for swimmers.

But one of the most critical aspects of pool safety is depth, not only for relaxing floatation sessions but also for minimizing potential injuries from diving and jumping into the water. 

Ideally, the depth should be at most 3 feet (1 meter). This depth gives swimmers enough room for recreational activities without requiring them to swim too deeply to reach the surface.

In a shallow pool between 0-3 feet, deep swimmers can enjoy all kinds of activities with peace of mind knowing they won’t get into trouble if they miscalculate their diving distances or misstep while attempting acrobatic moves such as flips!

A shallow pool is also ideal for young children learning to use their arms and legs while floating or kicking in the water. So if you’re looking to add a new pool to your backyard, make sure you keep the ideal depth in mind to ensure maximum safety! ​​​​

The Water Should Be Clean and Clear

Clear and clean water is not only aesthetically pleasing but also plays an essential role in feng shui. According to traditional feng shui practice, clear and moving water brings prosperity and wealth into a space. 

Furthermore, clean water is important for the health of your physical space; if the water contains bacteria or other pollutants, it can spread disease and hurt its surroundings. 

In addition, clear and pristine waters can lead to increased biodiversity as they provide a habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals. Therefore, we must ensure that our pools are clean and free from pollutants to maintain the feng shui balance in our environment and support wildlife habitats. 

Ultimately, having fair conditions for ourselves and our environment requires that we make sure the water is kept as clean as possible to fulfill its feng shui promise of good fortune for generations to come.

To sum it up,

When planning to build a pool in your backyard, keep these five tips in mind:

First, the pool should be located in the back of the house. 

Second, it should be surrounded by nature trees or plants are ideal. 

Third, the shape of the pool should be naturally oval or rectangular are good choices. 

Fourth, the depth of the pool should be a little shallow 3 feet is ideal. 

Fifth and finally, the water in the pool should be clean and clear. 

By following these guidelines, you can create a backyard oasis that will provide years of enjoyment for your family and friends!

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Jiayi Fù

Jiayi Fù

I am Jiayi fù, and I am an expert in Feng Shui.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband. I write this blog as a way to expand myself and my knowledge about the Feng Shui culture.

Jiayi fù

Jiayi fù

I am Jiayi fù, and I am an expert in Feng Shui.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband. I write this blog as a way to expand myself and my knowledge about the Feng Shui culture.

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