4 Feng Shui Tips for Your Kids’ Playroom

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Does your kid’s playroom feel like a never-ending mess? Then, it might be time to try feng shui! Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps promote harmony and balance in the home. 

Follow these 4 simple feng shui tips for your kids’ playroom and watch the magic happen! Trust us; your little ones (and you) will thank you.

The First Tip Is To Make Sure the Playroom Is Well-Lit

When decorating a playroom for little ones, proper lighting is vital. Feng shui suggests that lighting has an effect on the energy of a room and can have a direct impact on children’s behavior. 

To create an energizing yet calming atmosphere for playtime, the first tip is to make sure the space is well-lit. Natural light is ideal in any room, so allowing as much natural light into the playroom as possible will help to create a warm and airy feel. 

If natural light isn’t an option, use bright lights that mimic sunlight and avoid harsh, fluorescent lighting. The goal should be to ensure that the entire space is illuminated while maintaining a gentle atmosphere and ensuring nothing feels too overwhelming or clinical. 

With a few strategic tweaks in the right areas, you’ll be able to easily create a beautiful playroom with feng shui principles in mind.

Finally, when selecting colors for walls and furniture pieces, feng shui recommends calming hues in shades of grey, blue, green, or white, all of which work perfectly for nursery design! 

The Second Tip Is To Create a “Commanding Position” for the Parents in the Kid’s Playroom

If you’re looking to feng shui up your kid’s playroom, the second tip is to create a ‘commanding position’ for the parents. This means that wherever the parents are sitting, they should be visible from all angles in the room. 

It makes sense when you think about it; kids need to know who’s in charge and quickly be able to make eye contact with their guardians if need be. 

It’s also important that furniture arrangement allows parents and kids to interact easily, like when playing a game together or when collecting scattered toys on the floor. 

Think of this as creating an atmosphere of openness and trust between parent and child; it could help your little one feel more relaxed, which may boost her confidence.

The best way to create this environment is by having an open furniture configuration with no blockages like big bulky pieces that break sightlines. 

Keep furniture cozy but arranged in a non-limiting way, so everyone feels involved in each other’s activities! This feng shui tip can add a lot of harmony to your playroom, so why not give it a try? It won’t cost you anything but some rearrangement; if it works, it’ll bring a lifetime of rewards.

The Third Tip Is To Use Storage Bins and Baskets To Keep Kid’s Playroom Organized

Keeping a kid’s playroom organized can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible! One tip that can make the job easier is to take advantage of storage bins and baskets. 

They provide a great way to store items like toys, books, art supplies, and gaming systems, keeping them off the floor and out of sight for a neater look.

Not only will this minimalistic feng shui approach create order in chaos, but it will also make it easier for your little ones to find their stuff when it’s time for playtime. 

Plus, many of these storage solutions are modular so that you can organize all sorts of items within their designated areas. So when you need to switch things up or take an inventory of the playroom essentials, it’s easy to do with these flexible organizers. 

Consider using storage bins and baskets next time you go on a mission to declutter and organize the kids’ playroom! It saves your sanity and some valuable time as well!

The Fourth and Final Tip Is To Add Some Plants to the Kid’s Playroom

Decorating a children’s playroom can pose a unique challenge. Not only do you want the space to be fun and inviting, but you also want it to be safe and something your kids will enjoy growing up with. 

One way to accomplish this is by adding plants to the room. Plants help bring feng shui into your home, and they help create positive energy to create an energizing atmosphere in the playroom. 

Furthermore, plants are a great way to add some color and texture to the space while also introducing your children to natural elements they can enjoy and learn from. 

Placing a few potted ferns or small ficus trees throughout the room can make it look cozy, inviting, and vibrant all at once!

When choosing plants for your child’s room, be sure that whatever plant you select does not have any toxic qualities that may prove dangerous for young kids who may decide to sample them out of curiosity. 

With these simple tips in mind, adding plants to your child’s playroom can be a cinch!

If you follow these four tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a playroom that’s both functional and inviting. 

The key is to create a space that makes it easy for you to keep things organized while also providing plenty of opportunities for your children to explore and have fun.

Then, with some planning and effort, you can transform any room in your home into a place where your kids will love spending time.

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Jiayi Fù

Jiayi Fù

I am Jiayi fù, and I am an expert in Feng Shui.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband. I write this blog as a way to expand myself and my knowledge about the Feng Shui culture.

Jiayi fù

Jiayi fù

I am Jiayi fù, and I am an expert in Feng Shui.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband. I write this blog as a way to expand myself and my knowledge about the Feng Shui culture.

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